The Basics of Sports Betting

sports betting

You may have heard of terms like favorite, underdog, and pick. While a favorite has a higher probability of winning, an underdog has lower odds. While the underdog is riskier, the return is bigger. You might also hear of sports betting terms such as daily doubles and triples. These types of bets are popular among newbies. These betting terms are the basis for many different types of bets. However, before you start betting, you should know the basics of sports betting.

Auto racing betting

There are many types of auto racing bets. The to-win option involves picking a driver to win the race, and the bet pays out if he does. Unlike other bets, this one is based solely on the driver’s winning position, and doesn’t take into account the race’s nature. This is an excellent option for new bettors, since they can enjoy shorter odds for drivers who have trouble winning.

Spread betting

The basic concept behind spread betting is that you bet on the winner of a game based on a number of factors. Unlike other types of betting, you do not need to bet on a specific number of goals, touchdowns, home runs, or points. Rather, you just have to make sure that the team you’re betting on wins by a certain margin. To succeed, you need to keep track of the score and the other team’s performance.

Daily doubles

The daily double in sports betting is one of the oldest exotic bets. It was introduced in 1930 at Canada’s Connaught Park. It is a popular choice with casual bettors. If you back two horses in the same race, you will have a greater chance of winning. However, the double is only profitable if both bets are placed on the same slip. For this reason, it is crucial that you choose your horse wisely.

Daily triples

When you place your wagers on horse races, it is crucial to understand the odds involved. There are two basic types of wagers: pick three and Daily Double. The main difference between these two bet types is that they allow you to bet on multiple horses. The former requires that you pick just one horse, while the latter allows you to place bets on more than one horse. This makes it very difficult to calculate the odds involved.

Football teasers

Football teasers are wagers made with more than one selection in a single wager. In most cases, you can place bets on the point spread, the total, or both. Generally, teasers have lower odds than traditional parlays, but can have high payouts as well. If you want to get started with football teasers, try Doc’s Sports. You can get free NFL teaser picks and predictions every week at Doc’s.


You may have heard of parlays in sports betting. You may also have heard them referred to as a multi, accumulator, or combo bet. Regardless of their name, there are some common misconceptions you need to know about them. Read on to learn about parlays and how they work. Hopefully you’ll understand them more when betting on sporting events. If you’re new to sports betting, you’ll be glad you know this basic terminology.