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When It Comes To (something) Idiom

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when it comes to (something)
What does when it comes to (something) mean?
speaking about somethingWhen it comes to sports, my friend is a very knowledgeable person.

Some Random Idioms
walk arm-in-arm (with someone)
What does "walk arm-in-arm (with someone)" mean?
to walk with one's arms linked with someone else The two girls walked arm-in-arm down the street.

all in all
What does "all in all" mean?
in summary, after considering everything We had a few problems but all in all the meeting was successful.

hot air
What does "hot air" mean?
nonsense, exaggerated talkHe is full of hot air and you can`t trust what he says.
get off on the wrong foot
What does "get off on the wrong foot" mean?
to make a bad start to a relationship or something elseUnfortunately my relationship with my new teacher got off on the wrong foot.
Pull the trigger
What does "Pull the trigger" mean?
The person who pulls the trigger is the one who does the action that closes or finishes something.
What does "paw" mean?
grope or touch somebody in a sexual manner
settle for (something)
What does "settle for (something)" mean?
to be satisfied with less than you want, to agree to accept something as a second choiceI settled for less than I originally wanted but still I am happy with my new contract at work.
make good money
What does "make good money" mean?
earn a large amount of moneyMy friend is able to make good money selling computer equipment in the evenings.
grist for the mill
What does "grist for the mill" mean?
something that can be used to bring advantage or profitThe information that we got on the Internet was grist for the mill of our company's operations.
from the outset
What does "from the outset" mean?
from the beginning I knew from the outset that the recipe would be very good.

laugh up one's sleeve
What does "laugh up one's sleeve" mean?
to laugh quietly to oneself I was laughing up my sleeve when I learned that my friend would have to clean the bathroom at work.


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