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saving grace
What does saving grace mean?
something that saves someone or something that would otherwise be a total disasterThe man's saving grace was his mathematical ability. His other personality traits were very strange.
saving grace
What does saving grace mean?
a redeeming quality - especially a quality that compensates for one's shortcomings The man's saving grace was his musical ability. His personality was terrible.

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Some Random Idioms
down in the dumps
What does "down in the dumps" mean?
to be unhappyThe girl has been down in the dumps since her boyfriend moved away.
rear end
What does "rear end" mean?
What does "frikking" mean?
annoying; irritating; damned (from "fucking")
Mary J
What does "Mary J" mean?
take (someone) at his or her word
What does "take (someone) at his or her word" mean?
to believe what someone says and act accordinglyI decided to take the woman at her word when she invited me to see her pottery demonstration.
That dog won't hunt
What does "That dog won't hunt" mean?
Very common Southern US expression meaning: What you say makes no sense.
come to pass
What does "come to pass" mean?
to happen, to occur I do not know what will come to pass but now the company has many financial problems.

quick as greased lightning
What does "quick as greased lightning" mean?
very quickly, very fastThe cat climbed up the tree as quick as greased lightning.
turn over
What does "turn over" mean?
to sellWe were able to turn over most of our stock of air conditioners during the summer.
get away with (something)
What does "get away with (something)" mean?
to do something that one should not do and not get caughtThe criminal got away with stealing the money and was never caught.
thumb through (something)
What does "thumb through (something)" mean?
to look quickly through a book or magazine or newspaper I thumbed through the garden catalogue at the store.


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