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Pull Someone's Leg Idiom

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pull someone's leg
What does pull someone's leg mean?
tease someone by trying to make her/him believe something
that's exaggerated or untrue.
A: "Wow! Carl has done some really amazingthings!"B: "Don't believe everything he tells you. He was probably pullingyour leg."

Some Random Idioms
fly into the face of danger
What does "fly into the face of danger" mean?
to take great risks The pilot was flying into the face of danger when he went to fight the forest fire.

set back (someone or something)
What does "set back (someone or something)" mean?
to cause someone or something to get behind schedule, to slow down someone or somethingThe flood set back the efforts of the farmers to plant their crops.
What does "ICU" mean?
intensive care unit. That car crash put him in the ICU for two weeks.
turn a profit
What does "turn a profit" mean?
to make a profit The supermarket has been turning a profit since it opened.

on the go
What does "on the go" mean?
to be busy doing many thingsI have been on the go since early morning trying to get ready for the meeting.
gas guzzler
What does "gas guzzler" mean?
vehicle that uses a lot of gasoline
What does "MYOB" mean?
mind your own business
same to you
What does "same to you" mean?
the same comment applies to you"The same to you," the boy said when his friend said that he was stupid.
shake up (someone)
What does "shake up (someone)" mean?
to shock or upset someoneThe change in policies shook up many people in the company.
Let the cat out of the bag
What does "Let the cat out of the bag" mean?
To divulge a secret.Don't let the cat out of the bag about Susan's Christmas present.
At medieval markets, unscrupulous traders would display a pig for sale. However, the pig was always given to the customer in a bag, with strict instructions not to open the bag until they were some way away. The trader would hand the customer a bag containing something that wriggled, and it was only later that the buyer would find he'd been conned when he opened the bag to reveal that it contained a cat, not a pig. Therefore, "letting the cat out of the bag" revealed the secret of the con trick.
Make a mint
What does "Make a mint" mean?
If someone is making a mint, they are making a lot of money.


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