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Let Grass Grow Under One`s Feet Idiom

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let grass grow under one`s feet
What does let grass grow under one`s feet mean?
be idle, be lazy, waste timeHe is always working hard and never lets grass grow under his feet.

Some Random Idioms
read (something) through
What does "read (something) through" mean?
to read all of somethingI read the report through before I returned it to my supervisor.
hopped up
What does "hopped up" mean?
under the influence of drugs
as poor as a church mouse
What does "as poor as a church mouse" mean?
very poor My cousin is as poor as a church mouse and never has any money to spend.

get a foothold (somewhere)
What does "get a foothold (somewhere)" mean?
to find a starting point somewhere The new political party is beginning to get a foothold in the big cities.

lay one's eyes on (someone or something)
What does "lay one's eyes on (someone or something)" mean?
to see or find someone or something "If you lay your eyes on my house keys please tell me."

atomic wedgie
What does "atomic wedgie" mean?
the act of pulling the underwear of a boy up from behind so that it creates discomfort around the genitals in a particularly harsh manner
Knee-jerk reaction
What does "Knee-jerk reaction" mean?
A knee-jerk reaction is an instant, instinctive response to a situation.
Hear on the grapevine
What does "Hear on the grapevine" mean?
To receive information indirectly through a series of third parties, similar to a rumour.
Throw a sickie
What does "Throw a sickie" mean?
If you pretend to be ill to take a day off work or school, you throw a sickie.
What does "fiddlesticks" mean?
drat; darn (used in place of shit to express anger or frustration)


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