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Lay One's Hands On (something) Idiom

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lay one's hands on (something)
What does lay one's hands on (something) mean?
find something, acquire somethingIf I can lay my hands on a slide projector, I will show you the pictures of my holiday tonight.

Some Random Idioms
as black as a sweep
What does "as black as a sweep" mean?
very dirty/black (a chimney sweep cleans chimneys and becomes very black)My friend was as black as a sweep after he finished cleaning the basement.
cheese (someone) off or cheese off (someone)
What does "cheese (someone) off or cheese off (someone)" mean?
to annoy or irritate or anger someone I cheesed off my neighbor when I borrowed his ladder without telling him.

the picture of (something)
What does "the picture of (something)" mean?
the perfect example of somethingMy father was the picture of health when I saw him last month.
open Pandora's box
What does "open Pandora's box" mean?
to uncover more problems/issues than you expected or wantedThe investigation of the company was like opening Pandora's box. Many other problems were discovered.
Scarlet woman
What does "Scarlet woman" mean?
This idiom is used as a pejorative term for a sexually promiscuous woman, especially an adulteress.
carry a motion
What does "carry a motion" mean?
to support or win acceptance for a motion/proposal/idea in a meetingI was able to carry a motion to cancel the activities for next week.
privy to something
What does "privy to something" mean?
have unique or special knowledge about somethingI was not privy to the conversation regarding the new business plan so I was unable to comment on it.
shut up (someone or something)
What does "shut up (someone or something)" mean?
to confine someone or somethingWe always shut up our dog in the house when the postal worker comes.
show one`s true colors
What does "show one`s true colors" mean?
to show what one is really like or really thinkingI thought that the woman likes me but she showed her true colors when she began yelling at me on the telephone.
not for all the tea in China
What does "not for all the tea in China" mean?
not for anythingI will not for all the tea in China lend my friend any more money.


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