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Land On One`s Feet/both Feet Idiom

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land on one`s feet/both feet
What does land on one`s feet/both feet mean?
come out of a bad situation successfullyMy friend always manages to land on his feet no matter how difficult the situation is.

Some Random Idioms
between jobs
What does "between jobs" mean?
to be unemployed My friend is between jobs again. He lost his job last week.

hang on
What does "hang on" mean?
wait, continue listening on the telephone"Hang on for a minute while I go and get some paper and a pen."
What does "rattled" mean?
surprised; confused
keep on one's toes
What does "keep on one's toes" mean?
to stay alert and watchfulThe students were forced to keep on their toes by their new teacher.
Whistling Dixie
What does "Whistling Dixie" mean?
If someone is whistling Dixie, they talk about things in a more positive way than the reality.
What does "cap" mean?
kill; murder. Shut up or I'll cap you.
Sing for your supper
What does "Sing for your supper" mean?
If you have to sing for your supper, you have to work to get the pay or reward you need or want.
Back handed compliment
What does "Back handed compliment" mean?
A compliment that also insults or puts down at the same time.They gave me a backhanded compliment when they said I was smart for a girl.
Back-handed is synonymous with left-handed. For example in tennis, a backhand stroke is a strike by a right-handed player from the left side of the body.
The left side of the body has always been deemed sinister. The Latin word for left is sinister. Hence, back-handed means round-about, indirect, or devious.
What does "PLOS" mean?
parents looking over shoulder
dive in headfirst
What does "dive in headfirst" mean?
to do something impulsively without thinking about the consequences The man likes to dive in headfirst with anything that he does.

burst at the seams
What does "burst at the seams" mean?
to explode with pride or laughter, to be full to the breaking pointThe train was bursting at the seams as it entered the station.
in one's right mind
What does "in one's right mind" mean?
rational and sensibleThe girl was not in her right mind to quit her job right now.


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