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Kick Up A Fuss/storm Idiom

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kick up a fuss/storm
What does kick up a fuss/storm mean?
make trouble, be a nuisance about somethingI didn`t think that it was a big problem but my boss kicked up a fuss when I told him about the accident.

Some Random Idioms
light up
What does "light up" mean?
suddenly look pleased and happyAs soon as I told my cousin about our holiday plans his face lit up and he started smiling.
What does "school" mean?
teach somebody something (usually said by a person in authority)
leg work
What does "leg work" mean?
routine work (that often involves walking)He was forced to do all of the leg work for the meeting because his assistant was sick.
horse hockey
What does "horse hockey" mean?
horse dung; horse feces; nonsense
give (someone) a blank check
What does "give (someone) a blank check" mean?
to let someone act as they want or as they think is necessary (like a check that has the amount left blank)The police department gave the new committee a blank check to try and solve the homeless problem.
have one's eye on (someone or something)
What does "have one's eye on (someone or something)" mean?
to watch someone or something carefully, to take care of someone or something The woman had her eye on her baby as she talked on the telephone.

butter (someone) up or butter up (someone)
What does "butter (someone) up or butter up (someone)" mean?
to flatter someone The man is trying to butter up his boss so that he can leave early on Friday.

what in the fucking hell
What does "what in the fucking hell" mean?
what? (used to indicate anger or surprise)
dead center
What does "dead center" mean?
the exact middleI easily hit the target dead center.
Square Mile
What does "Square Mile" mean?
(UK) The Square Mile is the City, the financial area of London.
from the heart
What does "from the heart" mean?
sincerely, honestlyThe speech by the politician was right from the heart.
knock (someone) around
What does "knock (someone) around" mean?
mistreat someoneThe boy was sent home from school for knocking around some other members of the class.


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