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keyed up
What does keyed up mean?
excited, nervousI was keyed up after we won the game and I couldn`t go to sleep.
keyed up
What does keyed up mean?
to be excited, to be nervous I was keyed up after we won the game and I could not go to sleep easily.

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In the crapper
What does "In the crapper" mean?
In the toilet, soiled; or hopelessly irretrievable.Your relationship with Mary went right in the crapper the minute you told her to, "Rub that pie on her hips because that is where it's going to end up anyway".

Thomas Crapper of England is credited for the design and implementation of modern indoor plumbing (including the flushable toilet). Although there is conciderable evidence to the contrary, restrooms/bathrooms are still often referred to as "The Crapper." This word (among others) was introduced to America by their World War I soldiers returning home from Europe.

look a gift horse in the mouth
What does "look a gift horse in the mouth" mean?
to complain if a gift is not perfect The girl should not look a gift horse in the mouth. She should be happy that she received a present from her friends.

draw up a contract
What does "draw up a contract" mean?
to make or draft a contract The lawyer spent several hours drawing up a new contract.

hung up on someone
What does "hung up on someone" mean?
be obsessed with another person be obsessed with another personThe young woman has been hung up on a member of her tennis club for many months now.
either feast or famine
What does "either feast or famine" mean?
to be or have either too much or not enough of something It is either feast or famine for the woman. Sometimes she has lots of money and sometimes she has none.

What does "freeload" mean?
to accept food and housing at the expense of another
set the stage for (something)
What does "set the stage for (something)" mean?
to prepare for somethingThe win by our team set the stage for a great final championship game next month.
What does "PJs" mean?
dressed to the nines/teeth
What does "dressed to the nines/teeth" mean?
to be dressed elegantly The movie stars were dressed to the nines during the awards ceremony.

one in a thousand
What does "one in a thousand" mean?
one out of one thousandThe chance of getting the job is about one in a thousand.
submarine sandwich
What does "submarine sandwich" mean?
sandwich made with Italian bread sliced lengthwise, filled with cold cuts, cheese, and vegetables


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