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Have An Edge On/over (someone Or Something) Idiom

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have an edge on/over (someone or something)
What does have an edge on/over (someone or something) mean?
have an advantage over someone or somethingOur team has an edge over the other teams to win the high school football championship.

Some Random Idioms
kick oneself
What does "kick oneself" mean?
regret somethingI kicked myself for not applying for the job sooner.
fit (someone or something) in
What does "fit (someone or something) in" mean?
to make time for someone or something I try hard to fit some exercise in every morning.

have it in for (someone)
What does "have it in for (someone)" mean?
show ill will to someone, dislike someoneI have been having problems at work recently. I think that the new supervisor has it in for me.
fire away at (someone or something)
What does "fire away at (someone or something)" mean?
to shoot at someone or something, to ask many questions The students began to fire away at the speaker after he finished his speech.

higher education
What does "higher education" mean?
education after graduating from high school - usually college or universityThe government has recently invested a lot of money in higher education.
a wildcat strike
What does "a wildcat strike" mean?
a strike spontaneously arranged by a group of workersThere was a wildcat strike at the factory and over 100 people stopped work.
have a bone to pick with (someone)
What does "have a bone to pick with (someone)" mean?
have a disagreement to discuss with someoneI have a bone to pick with my boss because of his criticism of me.


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