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Harken Back To (something) Idiom

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harken back to (something)
What does harken back to (something) mean?
have started out as somethingThe new building harkens back to a style that appeared over 100 years ago.

Some Random Idioms
on the nose
What does "on the nose" mean?
to be just right, to be exactWhat the woman said about our new boss is on the nose.
What does "swipe" mean?
take something
chilled to the bone
What does "chilled to the bone" mean?
very coldI was chilled to the bone when I came out of the cold lake.
eat crow
What does "eat crow" mean?
to admit that one is mistaken or defeated, to take back a mistaken statementI was forced to eat crow and apologize for the things that I had said about my co-worker.
powder one's nose
What does "powder one's nose" mean?
to put powder on one's nose (usually a woman goes to the restroom to do this) The singer went to the dressing room to powder her nose before the performance.

turn (someone`s) stomach
What does "turn (someone`s) stomach " mean?
to make someone feel sick, to disgust someone The sight of the dead dog on the road turned my stomach.

dog in the manger
What does "dog in the manger" mean?
one who prevents others from enjoying what one has no use for oneself (from Aesops Fables) The girl was a dog in the manger. She cancelled the dinner because she could not attend.

as mad as a wet hen
What does "as mad as a wet hen" mean?
angry The nurse was as mad as a wet hen when the patient tried to bite her.

With a heavy hand
What does "With a heavy hand" mean?
If someone does something with a heavy hand, they do it in a strict way, exerting a lot of control.
get a bang out of (someone or something)
What does "get a bang out of (someone or something)" mean?
to receive special pleasure from someone or somethingMy father gets a bang out of the funny birthday cards that we send him.
have an ear out for (something)
What does "have an ear out for (something)" mean?
to listen carefully for somethingI have an ear out for any business opportunities that may appear.


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