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Fill (someone) In Idiom

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fill (someone) in
What does fill (someone) in mean?
to tell someone the details about something"I will fill you in later about our plans for the weekend."

Some Random Idioms
in bad shape
What does "in bad shape" mean?
injured; in poor (physical) condition. The quarterback was in bad shape after the tackle.
What does "gangsta" mean?
of or pertaining to a gang or gang member. Don't give me that gangsta attitude.
eyes are bigger than one`s stomach
What does "eyes are bigger than one`s stomach" mean?
one takes more food than one can eatMy eyes were bigger than my stomach when I went to the restaurant and ordered too much food.
at a stretch
What does "at a stretch" mean?
continuouslyMy friend sometimes works for three weeks at a stretch.
meat and potatoes
What does "meat and potatoes" mean?
basic and strong, have simple tastes in food and other thingsMy friend's taste in food and life is one of a basic meat-and-potatoes approach.
show (someone) to his or her seat
What does "show (someone) to his or her seat" mean?
to direct someone to a place to sitThe usher showed the members of the audience to their seats.
bat a thousand
What does "bat a thousand" mean?
to be successful in everything that you do The salesman was batting a thousand during his sales trip to Europe.

have (something) in stock
What does "have (something) in stock" mean?
have goods available to sellThe store does not have any CD players in stock.
meet (someone) half-way
What does "meet (someone) half-way" mean?
make a compromise with someoneHe is very stubborn and is never willing to meet his friends half-way.


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