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Double Cross (someone) Idiom

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double-cross (someone)
What does double-cross (someone) mean?
to deceive someone, to promise one thing and then do anotherThe man tried to double-cross his partner but was caught and sent to jail.

Some Random Idioms
a hook-up
What does "a hook-up" mean?
a connectionThe new hook-up for the computer is not working very well.
lose one's grip
What does "lose one's grip" mean?
to lose control of a situationThe young teacher seems to be losing her grip on the situation in her classroom.
throw up one`s hands (in despair/frustration)
What does "throw up one`s hands (in despair/frustration)" mean?
to give up trying, to admit that one cannot succeedI threw up my hands in frustration when I was unable to complete the telephone call.
eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
What does "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" mean?
a system of punishment where you punish someone in the same way that they hurt youThe citizens wanted an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth when they learned about the child's murder.
scarcer than hen's teeth
What does "scarcer than hen's teeth" mean?
very scarce or nonexistent People who know about computers are scarcer than hen's teeth in our company.

Crow Idioms

cop a plea
What does "cop a plea" mean?
to plead guilty to a crime in order to get a lesser penaltyThe man was forced to cop a plea when the evidence against him became too strong to dispute.
one up on (someone)
What does "one up on (someone)" mean?
to have an advantage, to be one step aheadHis brother was one up on the other students because he studied very hard.
hang by a hair/thread
What does "hang by a hair/thread" mean?
to be in an uncertain position and depend on something not substantialThe results of the election are still undecided and are hanging by a hair.
hold one`s own (in an argument)
What does "hold one`s own (in an argument)" mean?
defend one`s positionAlthough her boss is very aggressive she is able to hold her own in any dispute with him.
gross somebody out
What does "gross somebody out" mean?
show or tell somebody something disgusting, repulsive or vulgar
tit for tat
What does "tit for tat" mean?
equal treatment in return for something, a fair exchangeThe government policy was tit for tat to any attacks against its territory.
go around the bend
What does "go around the bend" mean?
to go crazyThe apartment manager seems to be going around the bend.


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