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Bear One's Cross Idiom

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bear one's cross
What does bear one's cross mean?
to carry or bear a burdenRaising three children on her own was the way that the woman had to bear her cross.

Some Random Idioms
hot on (someone or something)
What does "hot on (someone or something)" mean?
enthusiastic about someone or somethingRecently, I am hot on some kinds of classical music.
pay off (something)
What does "pay off (something)" mean?
to pay the final payment for somethingI paid off my student loan after one year of work.
Take no prisoners
What does "Take no prisoners" mean?
If people take no prisoners, they do things in a very aggressive way, without considering any harm they might do to achieve their objectives.
What does "grunt" mean?
infantryman; now also used to mean a government reject unfit for normal training.
show up
What does "show up" mean?
to become easy to seeAfter we cleaned the vase the design began to show up.
Just for the heck of it
What does "Just for the heck of it" mean?
When someone does something just for the heck of it, they do it without a good reason.
point the finger (of blame) at (someone)
What does "point the finger (of blame) at (someone)" mean?
to blame someone for doing something wrong, to identify someone as being guiltyThe waitress pointed the finger of blame at the cook when the police began to investigate the murder.
pile of shit
What does "pile of shit" mean?
low-quality object or device
have a lot on one's mind
What does "have a lot on one's mind" mean?
to have many things to worry aboutI have a lot on my mind with my new job and new apartment.
kiss my ass
What does "kiss my ass" mean?
go away; no way (expression of frustration, disbelief, or dismissal)


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