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Worth Its Salt Idiom

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Worth its salt
What does Worth its salt mean?
To be competent, reasonably skilled.Not to worry about your new suit, any detergent worth its salt can remove blood stains.
Today salt is inexpensive and universally available, but that wasn't always the case. Salt has been a valuable commodity in many cultures throughout history.
Salt is sodium chloride. It can be obtained from mines or the oceans. Today salt is commonly mined from large deposits left by dried salt lakes. Modern mining and transportation methods have made salt an inexpensive commodity.
Salt is an effective food preservative and before refrigeration was widely available, the demand for salt as a preservative was much greater. The human body requires salt for the regulation of fluid balance. Salt used as a seasoning adds to the taste of many foods.
Because of salt's high value, it was used as a method of exchange. Roman soldiers received a salt allowance as part of their pay. In fact the word "salary" is derived from the Latin "salarium" meaning "of salt".
To say that someone is "worth his salt" is to say they have earned their pay.

Some Random Idioms
What does "buns" mean?
buttocks. Nice buns on that chick. She must work out.
have one`s nose to the grindstone
What does "have one`s nose to the grindstone" mean?
to work hard or keep busy at somethingMy friend has his nose to the grindstone and he is studying hard at school.
stuffed shirt
What does "stuffed shirt" mean?
a person who is too rigid or too formalI do not want to invite my neighbor to come with us because he is a stuffed shirt and not very interesting to spend time with.
What does "whatever" mean?
it's trivial, unimportant, irrelevant. Like, whatever! It's not important, you know.
keep one's hands off (someone or something)
What does "keep one's hands off (someone or something)" mean?
refrain from touching or handling someone or somethingMy aunt asked her nephew to keep his hands off her furniture.
rare bird
What does "rare bird" mean?
someone who is unusual The woman is a rare bird and has done many interesting things in her life.

calculated risk
What does "calculated risk" mean?
an action that may fail but has a good chance to succeed The company took a calculated risk when they opened a new store in a very quiet area.

call Idioms

come from nowhere
What does "come from nowhere" mean?
to come as a surprise and with no warningThe truck came from nowhere as we were driving along the road.
put in (something)
What does "put in (something)" mean?
to plant flowers/plants/vegetablesWe decided to put in some roses in our garden last year.
Poison pill
What does "Poison pill" mean?
A poison pill is a strategy designed to prevent a company from being take over.


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