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Blowing Smoke Idiom

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Blowing smoke
What does Blowing smoke mean?
To be boasting without being able to back it up, talking about action without intent to follow through.Do you really want to buy this car or are you just blowing smoke?
Magicians often use smoke in their performance to obscure your view and conceal a bit of trickery.
A person who is "blowing smoke" is tricking you and attempting to cover it up.

Some Random Idioms
on edge
What does "on edge" mean?
to be nervous or irritableHe has been on edge lately because of his exams.
drop out of school
What does "drop out of school" mean?
to stop attending school My friend dropped out of school and began to drive a truck.

up to one's chin in (something)
What does "up to one's chin in (something)" mean?
to be very busy with something, to be working hard at something, to have much/many of somethingThe woman is up to her chin in work and has no free time.
have one's nose in the air
What does "have one's nose in the air" mean?
to be conceited or aloof The girl has her nose in the air since she won the speech contest.

until the cows come home
What does "until the cows come home" mean?
until very late, for a long timeWe can talk until the cows come home this weekend.
What does "Guinea-pig" mean?
If you are a guinea-pig, you take part in an experiment of some sort and are used in the testing.
feel out of place
What does "feel out of place" mean?
to feel that one does not belong in a place or situation I sometimes feel out of place when I go to an expensive restaurant.

every other
What does "every other" mean?
every second oneI have to work every other Saturday evening.
What does "boo-boo" mean?
minor injury; cut; bruise; scrape (usually said by and to small children). Did you get a boo-boo on the playground?
from the bottom of one`s heart
What does "from the bottom of one`s heart" mean?
with great feeling, sincerely I thanked the doctor from the bottom of my heart for helping my daughter when she was sick.

pull a fast one on (someone)
What does "pull a fast one on (someone)" mean?
to cheat/deceive someoneThey pulled a fast one on me when they sold me the broken stereo.


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